Author: Jacob McNamara


A Starter on North Country Outdoor Adventures

Nestled just north of the Adirondack park is Clarkson’s Potsdam campus. Being so close to an open expanse of wilderness like the Adirondacks makes Clarkson a prime starting point for all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether it’s participating in one of the trips hosted by our very own Outing Club or striking out on your …


Understanding Golden Knights: An Intro to Clarkson Lingo

When you arrive to Clarkson there are a surprising amount of new names, places and acronyms to learn for successfully navigating around campus. From Area Coordinators to Woodstock Village here is a list to get you started! AC – Area Coordinator, The Area Coordinators oversee the Resident Advisors and other Residence Life staff. ADK– The …


Eight Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Near Clarkson

Hi Everybody! I’m Jacob McNamara, a Clarkson grad of ‘16. I’m from Madrid, NY which is just ten miles down the road from Clarkson. Since I grew up in the North Country-I’m going to share some of my favorite places to go, things to see and some ongoing tips for thriving up North. In this post …