Author: Emma Blaiklock


Overcoming Homesickness

While college students are experiencing the excitement and freedom of being away from home, they can also experience college homesickness. Almost all college students experience it in one way or another, and it’s a normal sign that you are understandably missing the familiar and comfortable environment of home, family, and friends. Clarkson University works hard …


Dorm Hacks

A women sitting behind a laptop screen with a Clarkson white tumbler in the foreground

Hello Clarkson students! Welcome to your first year as a Golden Knight! The Residence Life Office is excited to share with you some tips, tricks and hacks that we have learned from our students to make your on-campus living experience more personal. Living on campus has many benefits, including easy access to resources and events. …


First-Year Students’ Roommate Survival Guide

Two female students hang out in their residence hall room, one on a laptop and one lounging on the top bunk of a bed.

Hi, everyone! My name is Emma Blaiklock, and I’m the Assistant Director of Residence Life here at Clarkson University. My experience managing and mediating conflicts between roommates during while working in Res Life has taught me some of the best ways to prevent roommate conflicts in the first place and also gave me helpful tools …