Month: April 2019

Undergraduate Programs

Five Clubs You Might Not Know Exist at Clarkson

Several students carry another student in a kayak through a crowd of dozens of students at the Student Activities Fair.

It’s almost guaranteed that the variety of clubs at Clarkson offer something for you.

Graduate Education

Discover Why Clarkson Is the Smart Choice. Again.

A man standing in front of the Clarkson University Capital Region Campus with a sign that reads Clarkson University

If you’re looking into grad schools, you’ve got lots of good options. One of the best, especially for Clarkson students, is the university that you’re attending right now. The strengths that made Clarkson stand out among undergraduate institutions—rigor, innovation and results—set its graduate programs apart, too. Following are just some of the reasons Clarkson is …

Graduate Education

Why I Chose to Live in a Nursing Home During Grad School & How I Did It

Occupational Therapy student Rebecca Brogan working at Maplewood Health Care in Canton

It has been six months since I have begun graduate school, pursuing my master’s in occupational therapy. It has been six months since I packed up my belongings and left my hometown of Kingwood, New Jersey. It has been six months since I moved into a nursing home, sharing my new home with over one …