Month: June 2018


Dorm Hacks

Hello Clarkson students! Welcome to your first year as a Golden Knight! I am your Assistant Director of Residence Life, Emma Blaiklock.  I am excited to share with you some tips, tricks and hacks that I have learned from Clarkson students to make your on-campus living experience more personal. Living on campus has many benefits, …


The Great Indoors

There is a wide range of diverse people here at Clarkson. There are those who love the outdoors, some who love video games or anime and people interested in the theater! There are many clubs and activities at Clarkson that make it unique and loved by many. It may seem hard to find your place …


10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Clarkson

Hey everyone! My name is Joe Bushey and I’m a student here at Clarkson. Through my time here at the University, I’ve seen a lot of neat things. Whether it’s a creepy ghost story, an interesting fact about a former professor or student or some history about Clarkson, each of the things I have listed …