Transdisciplinary Research Survey: Defining Research Problems

1. Are you a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences?

No Yes

2. Are you a member of the National Academy of Sciences?

No Yes

3. Over the last 3 years, have you had an active research program?

No->Do not continue. Yes->Continue to next question.

4. Consider the following scenario. You have been selected to lead a significant research project to explore solutions to problems arising from climate change. From the perspective of your research program what is a salient research question you would pose to realize measurable impacts in this area?

Research Question:

5. Based on your experience and knowledge, what disciplines would you include on the research team to address the research question you have identified in question 4?


6.In the last 3 years, has any of your research been supported by an externally funded research grant or contract?

No. Yes.

7. What percent of total external funding came from government agencies of any type?


8. What percent of your total external funding came from each of the following govt. agencies?

Others%Please list

9. What percentage of your external funding over the last 3 years came from private sector for-profit firms?


10. For the last 3 years, estimate the percentage of your research program that would be considered applied?


11. In the last 5 years has your research program resulted in any of the following.

a.Patents applied for
b.Patents issued
c.Patents licensed
d.Trade secrets developed
e.Products under regulatory review
f.Products on the market
g.Start-up companies formed
h.Policy briefings
i.Consulting work with a private firm
j.Consulting work with public sector

12. Do you engage in research with people from other fields or disciplines?

No. Yes.

13. Please choose the response that corresponds to your level of agreement or disaggreement with the following statements.

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
a. My institution values (rewards) work across disciplines.
b. My discipline values work with other disciplines.
c. Research within a discipline is more valuable than research across disciplines.
d. A research problem is best framed with input from a single discipline.
e. A research problem is best framed with input from multiple disciplines.
f. I try to avoid working across disciplines.
g. I seek out projects that enable me to work across disciplines.
h. Public scientists should concentrate on developing knowledge or technologies with public (non-excludable) benefits.
i. Public scientists should focus on producing knowledge or technologies with market potential.
j. Industry should play a central role in setting the agendas of public research scientists.
k. The market is the most accurate arbiter of the social value of scientific research.
l. Scientist panels are the most appropriate vehicle for setting the agendas of public research scientists.
m. Scientists are the most accurate arbiter of the social value of scientific research.

14. In which discipline did you earn your highest degree?

15. Year in which you earned your highest degree?

16. Where do you work currently?

university or other education institution

federal, state or local government

private sector firm (for profit)

private not-for-profit organization including think tank

private research lab


17. What is your sex?

Male Female

18. What is your age?


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